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The iconic 3D Glasses 🟦⁠🟥
is now an original fashion wearable



Get ready to pre-order your 3X GLASSES… join the Allow List!

3X Glasses are 3‑glasses‑in‑1. Each pair comes standard with blue‑light lenses plus two (2) attachments—cool shades & red/blue lenses—that snap on using rare‑earth magnets.

White Color Way
White Color Way
Transparent Color Way
Transparent Color Way
Black Color Way
Black Color Way
  • 0xDrip frames are fitted with optical-quality, blue‑light lenses for your professional degen activities.

  • Frames are made from Cellulose acetate—a nontoxic and biodegradable material that can be gently modified and gradually shaped for your specific size and use.

  • Attachable cool shades so you can get outside, touch some grass, and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to keep your eyes fully protected.

  • Attachable red/blue lenses to enhance your visual experience and enter the 3rd dimension at your favorite music festivals.

The Drip is About to Drop


Our Team

0xDrip products are designed and shipped by a reputable team of professional degens.

  • CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760CryptoPunk v1 #4760

    0xKilroyFounder + Producer

  • CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575CryptoPunk #6575

    Tony HerreraLicensee + Product Advisor

  • CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046CryptoPunk #6046

    Richerd3D Glasses Connoisseur

  • West Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFTWest Coast NFT

    West Coast NFTWeb3 Advisor

  • CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499CloneX #19499

    KatarinaChief Vibes Officer

  • Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893Doodle #1893

    Nathaniel SablanIntern

  • Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078Coolmans Universe #8078

    Plaid ShamanDesign + Web Dev

How to

Get your NFT and
Pre-order your 3X Glasses

  1. 1

    Join the Allow List

    Get added to the Allow List here (powered by

    Entries are limited!

    Join the Allow List
  2. 2

    Mint Your NFT

    In July, the mint opens for Allow List registrants.

    The following day, mint opens to the public.

  3. 3

    Pre-order Your Merch

    At summer’s end, 0xDrip’s redemption system will be unlocked for you to order your compli­mentary pair of 3X Glasses.

    Shipping begins in October 2022.

Drip Drop

  • Allow List registration opens on

  • Mint opens to Allow List and public.

  • Redemption system for token holders is unlocked.

  • 3D glasses ship worldwide.

  • Phase 1 Complete!


General Questions

0xDrip is a native Web3 brand that brings drip from the metaverse to real life.

If you look at the physical market for 3D glasses, your only option is cardboard. 0xDrip is here to change that.

3X Glasses—a set of luxury, physical glasses—is an original fashion wearable inspired by the iconic 3D glasses trait found across 1,000s of NFT collections.

3X Glasses come in three (3) color ways (white, transparent, and black) and are 3‑glasses‑in‑1.

Each pair comes standard with blue-light lenses plus two (2) attachments—cool shades & 3D lenses—that snap on using rare‑earth magnets.

You will need to mint an NFT which may be burned/redeemed for a pair of physical glasses.

While you may choose to sell the NFT on the secondary market, you must redeem a token to get a physical pair of 3X Glasses.

You may mint up to three (3) NFTs per wallet.

The final cost will be announced closer to the mint date since 0xDrip NFTs redeem a physical product and ETH has been especially volatile.

The amount of NFTs available to mint will be disclosed closer to the launch date.

Each pair of glasses comes standard with blue‑light lenses, a box, a carrying case and pouch, a polishing cloth, clip‑on cool shades, and clip‑on red/blue lenses.

There will be a fixed amount of each color available to redeem. We will announce the exact quantities of the color following launch.

By the end of summer 2022.

Shipping will begin in October 2022 and may vary based on your location in the world.

Join our Discord to ask questions and hang out!

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